Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre-Raid Resto Shaman Main Hand

Main-Handed Maces
  • Titansteel Guardian - This is a crafted item. The mats are somehow expensive considering the cool downs of Titansteel bars. Generally the estimated auction price is 2500g. This mace will be nerfed to reflect only 457 + spell power on the upcomming 3.0.8 patch matching the appropriate level.
  • War Mace of Unrequited Love - This is a (H) The Nexus drop. The dragon queen wishes Keristrasza to be freed from her captor Malygos. Apparently the poor thing went mad during the process and must be confonted. A very good healing mace and can be easily farmed (19% chance to drop).
  • Gavel of the Brewing Storm - Haste, critical strike and spell power rolled into one. This is one of the maces used for good healing. This can be purchased through the Wyrmrest Accord's quartermaster in Dragonblight at revered status.
  • Totemic Purification Rod - This can be purchased when you are revered with The Kalu'ak. Great spell haste early on. And this can be used at level 78 as specified on the description.
Mace comparison is found here.

  • Blade of Dormant Memories - This is a drop from Patchwerk in Normal Naxxaramas. This is definitely not a pre-Naxx since, you have to have these from Naxx. That boss is a gear check boss so if your raiding group has downed him then you must have the majority of the pre-raid items already equipped.
  • Netherbreath Spellblade - This is a good starter dagger if you are running (H) Utgarde Pinnacle on a regular basis. This is more of a priest dagger though as indicated by the spirit attribute. The spell power and critical strike are matching those of the mace counterparts at the same level 200 item level. This drops from Skadi the Ruthless.
Together with the daggers, the comparison would look something like this.

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