Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our guild is 62nd in WoWJutsu

It's amazing to note that all our efforts have finally brought us into the list. After weeks of Kara raiding we managed to be at the 62nd spot out of 82 progressing guilds. This is based on WoW Jutsu's system of ranking raiding guilds. More accurately this is based on the loot that the people in any given guild have received. This is extracted out of the wow armory without players having to submit any information.

As for our case, the ranking is sorted for realm-only, horde-only filter to precisely mark where we are standing out of the various raiding Horde guilds within our realm, Quel'dorei. Considering that we are just an emerging guild, 62nd is not bad. Scarlet Vengeance will soon rise up to become one of the realms' best raiding guilds given the time and the right drive to raid.

For more information about WoW Jutsu system of scoring, visit their site at

Monday, September 1, 2008

My main WoW character

This is my most recent World of Warcraft User Interface. Add-ons that I have used for this are the following:
  • Healbot
  • Titan
  • Totemus
  • Recount
  • Ricominimap
  • X-Perl
This shows my main WoW character, Pokahontas. She is clad in full Merciless Gladiator's Wartide PvP Epic Set (S2). She is hovering above Shattrath City mounted on an Epic Swift Red Windrider mount.

An this is my current sig courtesy of

I remember my level 36 Troll Shaman

The Huntsman's Cloister, Scarlet Monastery
Pokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

Traveling through time, took me back to this screen shot. This is my main WoW character Pokahontas at level 36. We were on our weekly raiding routine and that time we decided to pursue the Scarlet Monastery.

This is what's inside the Huntsman's Cloister. We were high on DPS and most of the time brief in getting the mobs to fall or even for this picture, one of Scarlet Monastery's bosses, The Huntsman.

Scarlet Monastery and Frost Shocks
Pokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

Here is one of the most useful spells that I use during early levels. Frost Shock is usually used to make the enemy chill reducing its movement speed for a few seconds and at the same time damaging it with frost damage. This is particularly important during the late game as it redirects aggro off from the enemy's vulnerable targets.

Athenaeum, Scarlet Monastery
Pokahontas, Level 36, Troll Shaman

These are the usual team-up during a 5-man raid. We have here a paladin tank, Baelmorn; a Priest as healer played by Eoris; a long range DPSer mage, Altheaz; a melee DPS combat rogue, Sinlaris; and the all around damage dealer, off healer (at least during the early levels), totem dropper shaman like me Pokahontas.

There is usually not much of a specialization during the early levels. I'm spec'd for enhancement, yet I wield a shield and mace for protection. It is not only when I got to level 70 that I re spec'd and made myself full restoration shaman (0/0/61).

Here on this picture we were on to one of Scarlet Monastery's bosses, Arcanist Doan. He is located at a study room inside the monastery library, specifically at the Athenaeum. This boss usually casts high AOE arcane damage from time to time, causing me to do off heals.

My first epic world drop

One lazy afternoon, browsing through some of my old screen shots, I have come across this picture. This reminds me of my first epic world drop. This Staff of Natural Fury dropped from a Dawnblade Blood Knight at the Isle of Quel'Danas. I remember I was working for reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive when this item dropped.

I looked at WoWHead right away and Thottbot to get information about this remarkable staff. It's entirely for feral Druids and it costs from 800g to 1.5K g. And I said "Whoa this will get me 1.5K richer in gold."

So I started selling it at the trade channel. There were numerous offers but none of them matched my expectations. One even tried to whisper me and offered 500g. I refused. I know this extremely rare find is not worth that much. I never attempted AH as I wanted to get some sort of personal touch with this item that would be my first epic seller.

So I waited, I even asked my guildies for some advise. Our only Druid has no gold that much either and besides, he is just climbing up at level 65. One lucky day, one of my guildies helped me shout it out at the trade channel. And there's this toon named Ravenstorm that needs it.

We haggled for the price as if it was a real staff. You know, the one that you could use to strike the head of your boss or at least use it to become a cat or a bear and ravage his insides (evil grin).

Well enough of that. At first I outright stated that it will cost him 1.2K of wow gold. Then he said he only has 700g all in all including alt gold. For the first time it struck me, just thinking and feeling about how casual WoW players are holding on these days. I said to myself, "There's got to be a way for us to sell this without robbing this man of his WoW gold."

I devised a plan to sell it through. He said said he only has 700g. I told him that he could have the staff already and hand me 600g. If he really liked that staff, he could go ahead and complete the transaction by paying me 50g per day until it gets to 1000g. That's 500g less than the maximum price now. And considering Isle of Quel'Danas dailies alone could take you to 100g, I think it is a fair deal.

He agreed.

I admit I was a bit hesitant to sell it this way, but I know I am helping him and he seems to be very happy of the staff and how I managed to make a way for him to have it. I waited a while on that spot at the Undercity bank and watched him shape shift from tauren to cat to bear to moonkin to tauren. He said "I was just testing which form would give him the most benefit."

He religiously sent me 50g per day. There were times where he missed it, but then again I fully understood the meaning of "casual playing" and just let it be. He completed the transaction a week later and sent me a note that he is really enjoying the staff most specially at battlegrounds. I truly am happy for him, and of course I am 1000g richer.

How to add WoW item links in your blog

WoWDB calls it Syndication. You have to add an entry first with something like this:

<script src=""></script>

Then if that's done, you can now add links to your blogs by adding entries like this:

<a class="r4" href="">Merciless Gladiator's Salvation</a>

Sample Entry:
Merciless Gladiator's Salvation

For complete WoWDB Syndication documentation, see this page:


Now, how about if we are going to let WoWHead power it? Instead of the above, you would have to type a different entry:

<script src=""></script>

Adding links the WoWHead way would be something like this:

<a href=""></a>

Sample Entry:

That easy. :)


How about powering it up by Thottbot? All you need to do is add another script:

<script src=""></script>

I suggest you get all these scripts by the way on the first line of the blog to keep track of it. It is however not necessary as it can be placed anywhere on the code.

Then place your link like this:

<a href=""><font color="#8000FF">Merciless Gladiator"s Salvation</font></a>

And as a sample entry:
Merciless Gladiator"s Salvation

Simple enough, hehe ;)