Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our guild is 62nd in WoWJutsu

It's amazing to note that all our efforts have finally brought us into the list. After weeks of Kara raiding we managed to be at the 62nd spot out of 82 progressing guilds. This is based on WoW Jutsu's system of ranking raiding guilds. More accurately this is based on the loot that the people in any given guild have received. This is extracted out of the wow armory without players having to submit any information.

As for our case, the ranking is sorted for realm-only, horde-only filter to precisely mark where we are standing out of the various raiding Horde guilds within our realm, Quel'dorei. Considering that we are just an emerging guild, 62nd is not bad. Scarlet Vengeance will soon rise up to become one of the realms' best raiding guilds given the time and the right drive to raid.

For more information about WoW Jutsu system of scoring, visit their site at

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