Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mist of Pandaria Beta

So yes I was scanning through my e-mail this morning and stumbled upon a sneaky e-mail from Blizzard telling me that I have been chosen.  Sounds like its going to be fun tonight. 

So this is how the launcher looks like right now...

This is what the starting screen would look like now as of date. Look how bad ass the warrior looks like.  I probably would roll a Pandaren Warrior or maybe a Tauren Monk when the servers go live.  But I would roll just a Pandaren Monk for beta testing purposes only. 

I just thought I grab hold of my old Diablo III Beta invite screenshot, just for the sake of bragging. Yes, there maybe 100,000 others of us out there but guess what I'm just happy that all those monthly subscription has finally paid off big time.  Cheers to all gamers out there!!!