Monday, September 1, 2008

My first epic world drop

One lazy afternoon, browsing through some of my old screen shots, I have come across this picture. This reminds me of my first epic world drop. This Staff of Natural Fury dropped from a Dawnblade Blood Knight at the Isle of Quel'Danas. I remember I was working for reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive when this item dropped.

I looked at WoWHead right away and Thottbot to get information about this remarkable staff. It's entirely for feral Druids and it costs from 800g to 1.5K g. And I said "Whoa this will get me 1.5K richer in gold."

So I started selling it at the trade channel. There were numerous offers but none of them matched my expectations. One even tried to whisper me and offered 500g. I refused. I know this extremely rare find is not worth that much. I never attempted AH as I wanted to get some sort of personal touch with this item that would be my first epic seller.

So I waited, I even asked my guildies for some advise. Our only Druid has no gold that much either and besides, he is just climbing up at level 65. One lucky day, one of my guildies helped me shout it out at the trade channel. And there's this toon named Ravenstorm that needs it.

We haggled for the price as if it was a real staff. You know, the one that you could use to strike the head of your boss or at least use it to become a cat or a bear and ravage his insides (evil grin).

Well enough of that. At first I outright stated that it will cost him 1.2K of wow gold. Then he said he only has 700g all in all including alt gold. For the first time it struck me, just thinking and feeling about how casual WoW players are holding on these days. I said to myself, "There's got to be a way for us to sell this without robbing this man of his WoW gold."

I devised a plan to sell it through. He said said he only has 700g. I told him that he could have the staff already and hand me 600g. If he really liked that staff, he could go ahead and complete the transaction by paying me 50g per day until it gets to 1000g. That's 500g less than the maximum price now. And considering Isle of Quel'Danas dailies alone could take you to 100g, I think it is a fair deal.

He agreed.

I admit I was a bit hesitant to sell it this way, but I know I am helping him and he seems to be very happy of the staff and how I managed to make a way for him to have it. I waited a while on that spot at the Undercity bank and watched him shape shift from tauren to cat to bear to moonkin to tauren. He said "I was just testing which form would give him the most benefit."

He religiously sent me 50g per day. There were times where he missed it, but then again I fully understood the meaning of "casual playing" and just let it be. He completed the transaction a week later and sent me a note that he is really enjoying the staff most specially at battlegrounds. I truly am happy for him, and of course I am 1000g richer.

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