Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Raid Resto Shaman Back

  • Wispcloak - Fairly easy to craft or have some friend craft for you. With 20 mp5 this is going to be a valuable cloak in the healing arsenal. Getting the mats is quite fun as you would have to give those little murlocs 100 clams for the Siren's tear.
  • Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape - If you fall short of haste then this is the cloak for you. It has a fairly good haste rating for those 'almost-saved-but-not-quite' situations. You have to be running Heroic The Oculus until the last boss (Ley-Guardian Eregos) several times for this to drop. By the way, it only has 14% chance of dropping.
  • Reanimator's Cloak - While I normally do not include + spirit as a stat, this is one of those exception to the rule. This cloak is fairly easy to get. It is sold in AH for about 150g (depending on the realm) or one could run through heroic Drak'Tharon Keep for this to drop. It is a zone drop and I would like to indicate that at one time we had 2 drops of this cloak at one run. Not to mention how I liked red sockets as you already probably know by now (+ spell power gem).
  • Shroud of Dedicated Research - One would probably wonder what are those daily cooking quests for? Its for the Kirin Tor reputation. If you happen to start it out early, probably ghetto ported at Dalaran early on, getting to honored rep with this faction is not at all a problem. This cloak can be purchased at the Kirin Tor quartermaster, Violet Citadel.
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